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In-Depth Peru Interview with Marlene Doepner | Social Worker and World Traveller

Interview notes: Sharing is caring and Marlene shares her experiences travelling through Peru, with a grander adventure through South America in general! Thrilling 8 hour death grip bus rides as it races to its destinations through mountains and valleys! On your right some buses that didn’t make out so well at the bottom of the ravine… only 8 more hours… too bad there wasn’t another way. What? The nasca lines, fly in the morning, trust me!You don’t sleep that well on a bus?!? What? Climb out of the rain into the sunshine on top of the mountain, just to walk back into the rain! Lol it was worth every minute. Rapid fire … travel while you can!

In-Depth Interview with Daysi Amaya-Maragoni | My El Salvadorian Heritage

Daisy recounts her early life living in El Salvador, from earthquakes, cuisine and the artistic nature of the El Salvadorien people.

In-Depth Interview with Olivia Baudet | French-Expat Researcher

In-Depth South Africa Interview with Denyse Racine

In this interview with Denyse Racine is full of interesting information about South Africa. It’s nearly impossible to capture in words… first hand experience from a Canadian working at the South African Embassy in Ottawa. She has had a wonderful experience, got the chance to go to South Africa numerous times and even met Nelson Mandela.

In-Depth Interview with Kwan Prasarnpan
| Thai-Expat

In-Depth Interview with Myrthe Duursma about Vietnam | English Teacher

In-depth Interview with Sergeant-Major Richard Huitema | Dutch Navy Media

In-Depth Interview met Henri Groenewold | Singer Songwriter

In Depth Interview with Antonietta De Giovanni | Italian Expat

A very interesting interview with Antonietta who’s occupation is in Italian pensions. @Inas Canada / Istituto Nazionale di Assistenza Sociale

Name and Occupation In-depth Interview with Kristina Allen | Fitness Expert

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