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In-Depth Japan

Name and Occupation In-Depth Japan

Show notes

Facts say seals are the way you “stamp” your name! Amazing detailed seals, and ninja proof floors?

The pufferfish is a delicacy which has an interesting side gig!

Pufferfish Rave

Frank show us how to make sushi

Francesco’s Kitchen

In-Depth The Japanese Sushi

In-depth Thailand

Name and Occupation In-Depth Thailand

Show notes

That’s a lot of Buddhas.

Thai fights! Protect your money maker!

The sound of Siam.

Fear factor food

Francesco is cooking Chicken & Shrimp
Pad Thai…


In-Depth Interview with Kwan Prasarnpan

Francesco’s Kitchen

In-Depth: Chicken & Shrimp Pad Thai

In-depth Vietnam

Name and Occupation In-Depth Vietnam


In-Depth Interview with Myrthe Duursma about Vietnam

Francesco’s Kitchen

In-Depth Cooking: Vietnamese Spring-rolls

In-Depth Clips: Cobra Medicine Wine

In-depth China

Name and Occupation In-Depth China

Francesco’s Kitchen

In-Depth Cooking: Chinese Chicken Fried Rice

In-depth Afghanistan

Name and Occupation In-Depth Afghanistan

The historic land mass that was part of the Silk Road, now our modern time Afghanistan has an amazing art history as first oil paintings a very enlightening experience!

Musically we’ve got string instruments we’ve never seen! An incredible diversity of strings, and talents! It’s an art world the heart beats like a drum and comes down to that we are all vibrating molecules, making us all interconnected, with way more in common that we realize!

The Food, street meat at its best! Making bread in the ancient ways and bringing it together with a wonderful arrangement of fruits and cooking methods… have you ever seen anything like that? I’ve never seen anything like tha I’ve never seen anything like that. And who knew you could keep your grapes fresh for up to 6 months in your own type of terrarium.

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