In-Depth Europe

Diving into everything European via the music, the food and in-depth interviews.

Discover European Cultures

In-Depth France

Name and Occupation In-Depth: France Edition


In-Depth Interview with Olivia Baudet


Mystery-Town Provence #6 Name and Occupation

In-Depth Italy

This show discusses the ancestral lands of one of our very own, exploring Pompei. A very interesting interview with Antonietta who’s occupation is in Italian pensions.This weeks menu includes boccocini salad, you won’t need the thinking tree to decide if you want to devour this meal!

Name and Occupation In-Depth Italy Edition

Francesco’s Kitchen

In-Depth: Italian Napolitana Ragu

In-Depth: Cooking Italian Meatballs

In-Depth Italian Bocconcini Salad

The Netherlands

Dutch Work-Life Balance #8 Name and Occupation

The Famous Dutch Tulip Fields

Full Story here


The Berlin Arts Factory – #4 Name and Occupation

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